Frequently Asked Questions for Healthcare Providers

Clio GO allows for automatically documenting and coding encounters that surpass traditional telehealth solutions. Additionally, Clio GO was built to allow providers to provide continuous care by setting goals and remotely monitoring their patients after their encounter.

Yes, the Clio GO platform encompasses 24 million patients and is growing. Our Care Navigators triage these patients and refer them to the appropriate practice, like yours.

Yes, Clio GO automatically documents and codes visits allowing you to focus on treating patients and not paperwork. Transparent pricing and upfront payment eliminates payment uncertainty and collections.

Clio Go is free to healthcare practices.

Yes, Clio GO’s Campaign Manager allows you to engage existing patients as well as receiving referrals of new patients from the Clio Care Navigators.

Clio GO complements your existing EHR, providing documentation and coding that can easily be imported for your signature.

It is as simple as going to this web site & downloading Clio Manager. Download on the App Store or get it on the Play Store.