GO Pass is an FDA registered check-in and rating system to limit the spread of COVID. It is based on immunology, science, and data analytics. GO Pass is designed from the ground up to put privacy on equal footing with safety.

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Ensure the health of your employees and customers with a confidential, thorough, safety protocol.


Check COVID compliance ratings and anonymously complete safety screenings at venues prior to visiting.


Students, faculty, staff and visitors safely gain access to school by anonymously asserting their COVID-19 health status prior to arriving on campus.


Use an efficient COVID-19 screening and check-in system to keep patients and staff safer.

How it Works


GO Pass users complete a COVID-19 screening and biometric analysis to determine their risk, and then anonymously assert their COVID-19 risk level to safely gain access to venues like restaurants, gyms, work, schools, friend’s houses, doctor’s offices, sports arenas and concerts.

GO Pass COVID-19 screenings and biometrics are quick and simple to complete. The screening data are paired with AI-assisted insights into COVID exposure levels.

GO Pass kiosk

The passes can be read using any smartphone or GO Pass kiosk.


Once GO Pass users gain access to a business venue, both the user and the business can rate compliance with COVID protocols like social distancing and properly wearing masks.

GO Pass users can also search locations based on compliance ratings to guide you to places that are safest.


The specific symptom data are not shared with venues, instead, the venues receive anonymous, time-stamped images of the results to verify that the user has been cleared for entry.