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Clio GO

Patient Care Navigation
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Personal Health Concierge
  • Connect with quality providers
  • Access your health history
Convenient Scheduling
  • Request appointment via chat or video
  • Care Navigator matches you with a provider
  • Care Navigator schedules appointment
  • Face-to-Face or video conference appointments
Expert Coaching
  • Set personalized wellness goals
  • Receive guidance & coaching
  • Push notifications & alerts
  • View daily progress reports
Transparent Payments & Lower Costs
  • See cost before your appointment
  • Pre-negotiated discount on services
  • Receive direct cashback
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Clio GO Manager

Increase Practice Efficiency
and Engage with Your Patients
Care Navigation
  • Triage patients
  • Route patients to appropriate provider and level of care
  • Manage workflow
Effective Communication Tools for your Patients
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Chat with patients
  • Video conferencing
Digital Data Collection
  • Gather & manage patient history
  • Document chief complaint and symptoms
  • Use AI for medical coding and billing
Monitor Patient Goals
  • Set and track patient goals
  • Integrate with Apple Healthkit
  • Notify and report on goals
Faster Payments
  • Upfront insurance and deductible payment
  • Pre-negotiated payment
  • No collections